Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your products made in America?
A: Yes, all Rogue barrel products are made in the USA - God Bless America!

Q: Do you offer military and law enforcement discounts?
A: We do offer discounts to military, veterans, law enforcement and first responders. You must contact our customer service department by phone to receive your discount code. It will be necessary for you to provide proof of service or employment.

Q: Do you offer quantity discounts?
A: Yes, we do. If you are an OEM and would like special pricing for large quantity orders, contact our sales department by phone or through our contacts page.

Q: How long after you receive payment can I expect my order?
A: Stock orders are shipped out immediately. In the case of a backorder, you will receive an estimated delivery date via email. We know you love our products and we pride ourselves in geting them to you as fast as possible.

Q: Do you offer expedited delivery?
A: Every order is expedited. You will never lose your place in line to someone who is willing to pay more money.

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?
A: Yes, of course you may upgrade your shipping rate.

Q: Can I become a dealer?
A: Yes, you can. Contact our sales department by phone or email.

Q: Do you manufacture custom barrels?
A: Each and every barrel here at Rogue is painstakingly enginered for peak performance but, if you have your own design we run lots of 100 or more as custom runs.

Q: What type of rifiling do you use in your manufacturing process?
A: Many schools of thought offer a variety of opinions on what is the best way to rifle a barrel but, the truth be told a properly pre-prepped blank for button rifling is by far the most accurate barrel money can buy.

Q: Do you lap your barrels?
A: Yes all Rogue barrels are lapped after rifling.

Q: What types of steel do you ofer?
A: 4140 Chrome Moly; 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium and 416R stainless Steels.

Q: What type of exterior finishes do you offer on your barrels?
A: Phosphate, QPQ Nitride, Plain and sandblast Stainless steel and Special request Ceracoat. All barrels are laser engraved with Caliber and Manufacture date.

Q: What calibers do you offer?
A: We offer: 5.56 NATO, 223 Wylde, 300 Black Out, 308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmore, 40 S&W, 45 ACP or any other caliber for special runs but please bear in mind, lead time will be increased.

Q: What profiles do you run?
A: Again we will accomodate any run over 100 pieces but, Government SPR and our own proprietary styles are kept in stock including, Marine, Recon, Ranger, the seal, Sniper and Space force.

Q: What industry standards are your barrels held to?
A: All barrels are manufactured to SAAMI Specifications.

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