• Gas Nitriding and Metallurgical Behavior

    16th Jul 2022

    Gas Nitriding and Metallurgical Behavior

    Nitriding and Metallurgical BehaviorGas nitriding is a form of steel heat treatment in which one uses heat to diffuse nitrogen-rich gas onto the surface of the metal with the intention of hardenin…

    Published by Specialty Steel Treating

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  • Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled Steel

    3rd Mar 2022

    Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled Steel

    Steel is one of the most widely used and recycled materials. There are thousands of grades of steel with equally as many applications. There are also different technologies for manufacturing steel, on…

    Published by Chris Burnett

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  •  Stainless vs. Carbon Steel

    19th Feb 2022

    Stainless vs. Carbon Steel

    Carbon Steel Barrels 4140 steel is a type of 4000-series carbon steel that contains 0.80% to 1.10% chromium and 0.15% to 0.25% molybdenum. These two elements make the steel much stronger and harde…

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  • Twist Rates and Barrel Length

    5th Jan 2022

    Twist Rates and Barrel Length

    Twist rate is the measurement of how much the lands and grooves of your barrel's rifling rotate. This determines the kinds of bullets you'll shoot. It's so important for accuracy that it's adverti…

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  • Barrel Treatments & Coatings

    5th Jan 2022

    Barrel Treatments & Coatings

    Barrel Treatments & Coatings The method of production and the type of steel used to make an AR-15 barrel are just parts of the total equation. Picking the right finishing treatment and/or coatin…

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